How much shit do you people want me to blog about?

I was a teen

this one was icky

i helped restore Oliver North's image and did research used to market the freedom loving Contras.

Oscar Romero

Iran contra 



damnit,​ robert eatinger was useless & now I have complex ptsd.... help me!

Sharyn Bovat

ex spy

John Brennan: Am i the only person that told Oliver North I didn't think the Iran thing was a good idea? 

My mom's lawyer was aware her dementia meds were tampered with & did nothing.

This website is how I'm saying FUCK YOU to Kyle Krasa & I want the FBI to invesigate HOW both she & my Uncle Bill Frisbie got dementia after I whistle blew. I think the CIA drug trafficking clique is scared that the truth is coming out.  

Is that right Leon Panetta? 

Sharyn Bovat


Friend of Nancy's told me Ronnie's Dementia was "triggered" by CIA linked to Howard Baker.